Roche, MDAS & Atout present Rare & Share dining experience to raise awareness and funds for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

In collaboration with MDAS, (Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore) and European restaurant Atout, Roche brings its Rare & Share Dinner series to Singapore for the first time in its continued support for individuals living with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a  rare and devastating genetic muscular-wasting disease. Timed for launch on the rarest day of the year on 29 February 2024, the trio of partners is set to present a 4-course menu devised by Chefs Azrin Rahman and Patrick Heuberger of Atout, a dining experience emulating real-life challenges individuals with SMA face throughout their daily lives. Positioned as an awareness drive meets charity dinner, a portion of the proceeds will be channelled to MDAS to support SMA care programmes.

Following 29 February, the Rare & Share Dinner will be subsequently available on Wednesdays across March at $138++, with bookings now live via:

Spinal Muscular Atrophy is a rare genetic condition characterised by gradual weakening and wasting  of muscles that impacts daily functions like walking, eating and breathing, resulting in some individuals needing round-the-clock care and support. SMA most commonly affects infants though many older children and adults are also affected.1 There are 40 to 50 SMA patients in Singapore; more than 80% of those supported by MDAS are aged 16 years and older.2,3 Although effective treatments and supportive care are available, they are often insufficiently covered by existing healthcare funding in Singapore.

The Rare & Share concept was pioneered by Roche in Thailand to raise awareness and funds in support of people living with SMA by zeroing in on food as one of the most significant and relatable aspects of daily life. Today, the Swiss pharmaceutical company hopes to mirror that success in Singapore. Led by Chefs Patrick and Azrin, the Rare & Share dinner incorporates elements that allow diners to experience firsthand the profound impacts of the condition, conveyed through specially designed weighted spoons and specific preparation methods.

Price: S$138++Availability: Evenings, from 6 PM, 29 Feb & 6, 13, 20 & 27 March 

Thoughtfully designed by both Chef Patrick and Chef Azrin Rahman at Atout, the exclusive menu features 4 distinct courses curated to demonstrate the experiences that individuals with SMA have with food from the early to later stages of the disease.

  • COURSE 1 - AMUSE BOUCHE TRIO: Comprising contrasting textures of Green Gazpacho served out of a syringe; Gruyère Cheese Gougère Puff encasing bits of smoked salmon, and Crispy Iberico Pork Cheeks & Trotter “Cromesquis" with Apple Gel, this course signifies the joy of discovering food that children with SMA may still be able to relish during the initial stages of the condition.

  • COURSE 2 - FOIE GRAS ROYALE: A delicate, melt-in-the-mouth dish mimicking the soft and easy textures that people with SMA would prefer as the illness progresses and they gradually experience difficulty in swallowing. Textured like the Japanese Chawanmushi, foie gras is folded into eggs with black winter truffles for creamy decadence. The dish is served with a weighted, oversized spoon to simulate the challenge of feeding oneself as muscles gradually weaken over time.

  • COURSE 3 - WAGYU OYSTER BLADE: Embodying the round-the-clock care that individuals with SMA require comes the main course of 24-hour slow cooked Wagyu Oyster Blade resulting in tender and juicy slices best enjoyed with celeriac puree.

  • COURSE 4 - LEMON VACHERIN GLACÉ: Ending the meal, Lemon Vacherin Glacé is a tribute to a childhood indulgence from Chef Patrick’s Swiss-French origins - a delicate Amalfi lemon sorbet wedged between vanilla meringues finished off with swirls of tart berry coulis. A beautiful yet fleeting dessert, it conveys hope for people with SMA to have access to prompt treatment while the intricate layers recognise the rallying of various members of the community to raise support for their care.

For the full menu, bookings and reservations:

  • A rare neuromuscular disease affecting both children and adults, SMA results from a genetic mutation that leads to progressive muscular wasting.1 

  • SMA affects approximately 1 in 10,000 live births and symptoms present at different ages depending on the disease type.4,

  • Although Type 1 SMA in infants is most common, around 40% of SMA patients have Types 2 to 4, the symptoms of which present only later in childhood or in adults.4  

  • There are 40-50 SMA patients in Singapore; more than 80% of those supported by MDAS are aged 16 years and older.2,3

  • The disease leads to a gradual loss of vital motor functions, impacting patients' ability to walk, eat, and  breathe, as well as a premature loss of life in some cases.1

  • The progressive muscle degeneration limits patients’ ability to care for themselves independently, increasing the burden on caregivers and family members. 

  • There is increasing awareness of SMA in Singapore but there is still opportunity to do more to address the difficulties encountered by older children and adult SMA patients.

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The Rare & Share Dinner Concept launches on 29 February at Atout and will be available every Wednesday until 27 March.

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About Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) MDAS was founded in 2000 to provide care and support for people with muscular dystrophy (MD), including SMA, in Singapore. It aims to be a one-stop agency that enriches the lives of people with MD and their families, to enable them to live their best lives. Maintenance of muscular function is extremely important for maintaining quality of life for adolescents and adults living with SMA. With holistic care and effective interventions, SMA patients are more likely to be able to increase their life expectancy, maintain muscular function and preserve their long-term independence.

About Atout by Patrick Heuberger Atout by Patrick Heuberger was opened by the Swiss chef in 2018. Since then Atout has dedicated itself to serving hearty classic European brasserie cuisine, homemade charcuterie and handpicked wines  amid the lush greenery of Dempsey Road.

About Roche Singapore Founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland, as one of the first industrial manufacturers of branded medicines, Roche has grown into the world’s largest biotechnology company and the global leader in in-vitro diagnostics. The company pursues scientific excellence to discover and develop medicines and diagnostics for improving and saving the lives of people around the world. We are a pioneer in personalised healthcare and want to further transform how healthcare is delivered to have an even greater impact. To provide the best care for each person we partner with many stakeholders and combine our strengths in Diagnostics and Pharma with data insights from the clinical practice.

Roche Singapore started operations in 1973 and has grown over 50 years into a local leader in innovative medicines and diagnostics across multiple disease areas. Today, Roche Singapore employs more than 1,000 people across its pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and manufacturing divisions. 

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Infographic: SMA in Singapore

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