Meeting unmet medical need. Our goal is to develop medicines and diagnostics test and services that offer new and improved options for physicians and patients.

As an innovation-driven leader in healthcare, Roche aims to make a real difference in people's lives. We are pursuing this goal by providing products and services to prevent, diagnose, treat and monitor disease. Through our strong leadership in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals, Roche is in a unique position to innovate advances across a broad spectrum of healthcare. This combination of capabilities enables us to apply our breakthrough knowledge of diseases to develop innovative products that detect and monitor disease, and help guide choice in therapy. In turn, these aid in the discovery and development of innovative medicines offering hope of higher levels of efficacy and safety.

Personalised healthcare continues to be the guiding vision of our innovation strategy. Our Pharmaceuticals and Diagnostics organizations work together in increasingly integrated ways along the discovery-and-development-to-marketing continuum. Advanced science has helped us realize that a disease such as rheumatoid arthritis may not be a single condition, but rather a syndrome comprising many different diseases or conditions. By using diagnostic technologies in the early stages of pharmaceutical development, we hope to identify which particular sub-category of a disease is susceptible to a particular medicine. Diagnostic technologies also help us identify those patients who will benefit from a particular drug targeted to treat it. The result of this approach is a more clinically differentiated product - in other words, a medicine likely to be highly effective for a well-characterized disease condition in particular patient population.

Our strategy

Fitting the right treatment

We focus on fitting treatments to patients: providing the right therapy for the right patient to ensure the best response at the right time for the right value. Our approach combines our rich expertise in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics with expanded data science capabilities to drive more effective and efficient research and enable better therapeutic decisions for patients.

Partnerships drive us forward

Working in partnership with third parties, we are better positioned to offer integrated solutions that improve medical and health outcomes. We work with stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to broaden access to our solutions for people who need them.

Additionally, we are passionate about advancing science, regardless of where it comes from, by identifying the best innovations, whether internal or external, and delivering them to patients.

Excellence in science

Our pursuit of excellence in science rests on four key elements: an exceptionally broad and deep understanding of disease biology; the seamless integration of our capabilities in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics; a diversity of approaches to maximise innovation; and a long-term vision

Our people make the difference

Delivering on our commitments takes people with integrity, courage, and passion. Our people are driven to advance science and create a better tomorrow for patients.

Our leadership embraces diversity and inclusion. Different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences foster innovative solutions for the benefit of patients. Our ways of working enable agile and networked responses to the ever increasing pace of change by balancing the need for stability, speed and flexibility.

Diversity in innovation

Our set-up is designed for innovation. Our autonomous research and development centres and alliances with over 250 external partners foster a diversity of scientific approaches, creativity and agility. Our global geographical scale and reach enables us to attract talent in the leading global science clusters and to quickly bring our solutions to people who need them.

Value for all

We are committed to delivering value for all our stakeholders and being a partner of choice. We do this by continually bringing significant medical benefits for patients, healthcare providers and payers, offering a great place to work for employees, delivering a sustainable and positive contribution to society and earning competitive returns for our investors.

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