A Tradition of Commitment
At Roche, the tradition of respecting the needs of the individual, society and the environment is deeply ingrained.

Corporate Responsibility

Roche Group has a long history of corporate philanthropy and social involvement.

In 2003, Roche made a commitment to raise money for orphans in Malawi who lack the bare essentials in life. Since 2006, Roche Singapore participates in this Roche-wide event by joining a walk to raise funds. This walk, called the Roche Children’s Walk is held annually on the United Nation’s Day of the African Child, 16 June.

The Company matches the donations collected on a dollar-to-dollar basis, and whilst the main beneficiaries are the orphans in Malawi, we also get to use 50% of the total amount to support the local charities.

On a local level, we are also active supporters of Community Chest, through our participation in SHARE.

SHARE is Community Chest’s workplace giving programme, whereby we help employees who want to donate to the charities do so via monthly deduction from the payroll. Again, the Company matches the donations on a dollar-to-dollar basis and we are proud to say that we have a very high level of participation from the staff in the programme.

Our Mission

Our innovative, market-leading pharmaceuticals and diagnostics business are united by a single mission: creating sustainable value through products and services that save or at least significantly enhance people's lives by helping to detect, correctly diagnose and appropriately treat disease.


The three elements of sustainability - society, environment and economy - are interdependent. We will not be successful in the long term without meeting our environment and social responsibilities, and equally we cannot contribute to society and environmental protection without economic success. We try to balance these three elements in all aspects of managing our business.

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