Speaker Ms Lesli Berggren


Lesli Berggren is a Texan who has been living in Singapore since 1998. She is a mother to her beautiful 22-year-old daughter, Claire.

Having worked in PR, founded her own graphic design company and jewellery design business, Lesli has helped the Children's Cancer Foundation and National Kidney Foundation on therapies to assist the mental wellness of pediatric patients in hospitals. She is the founder of LOVE, NILS Support for Children with Cancer, a Singapore registered charity. She has also written a book to help patients, and their caregivers better manage the pain, fear and emotional fallout of long-term illness.

Lesli spent 18 months caring for her 12-year-old son Nils after he was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma stage 4 cancer. He was treated first in Singapore and later in the USA and was cured of cancer at Singapore's National University Hospital—nothing short of a miracle. Tragically, the stem cell transplant he received led to complications that claimed his young life in 2014. It pushed Lesli to found LOVE, NILS.

It is now her charity's goal to share knowledge, resources and a community, to give shelter both physically and emotionally, and to provide a foundation for resilience and hope to children with cancer and their caregivers during and after their treatment in Singapore.