The Singapore Experience Exchange with Patient Organisations (SEEPO) is a platform for engagement with the patient community in Singapore. SEEPO is part of the International Experience Exchange with Patient Organisations (IEEPO) for patient organisations around the globe.

In the last 2 weeks of October (23rd and 30th October), Roche will organize 2 sessions with patient advocates/leaders, patient organisation representatives, academics/think tanks, thought-leaders which provides an unique opportunity for patient organisations to exchange experiences, find inspiration, and leave with practical, meaningful, and actionable ideas.


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23rd October Morning: THINK panel webinar

ZOOM session From 09:30am - 11:30am

What does data-driven and personalised healthcare mean to patients? A keynote presentation complemented with a discussion by a panel of leading experts will help us envision the opportunities, challenges and the active role patients can play in enabling evidence-based discussions

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*Registration closes on 22 October 2021


30th October Morning: In Conversation with our Patient Leaders

ZOOM session From 09:30am - 11:30am

What does Patient Voice mean to you? A keynote presentation by a regional patient leader and a panel of local patient advocates will be sharing personal stories behind their mission This session provides you an exciting opportunity to have a robust dialogue and share your views with the local patient community.

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*Registration closes on 29 October 2021



Wei Lin Ng

Patient Partnership CoE Lead

[email protected]



Roche Singapore organises the local event. SEEPO Global Programme is hosted by F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. and organised in partnership with global leaders in patient advocacy.

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