Research and Development

Innovation is our answer to our medical challenges.
Every day our ideas and research help to save patients' lives.

Innovation is the backbone of Roche’s strategy, and it requires perseverance and a long-term perspective. That is why Roche spent almost 10 billion Swiss francs (20% of total sales) on R&D in 2009. We will continue to increase our R&D budget.

Roche Diagnostics has R&D facilities in Europe and the United states, augmented by a network of alliances and partnerships giving it broad access to key technologies.

Close cooperation between the Pharmaceuticals Division and Roche Diagnostics is a key strategic advantage for our company. The two divisions can share intellectual property, technologies and research findings freely. Among other things, this allows Roche to combine and leverage both divisions’ leadership in the key field of molecular biology.

In addition, it enables diagnostics expertise to be seamlessly integrated into all parts of the pharmaceuticals R&D process. This is central to Roche’s goal of advancing personalized healthcare, an approach that seeks to tailor treatments to specific patient subpopulations based on emerging scientific understanding of biology and disease at the molecular level.